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In Papr World you play as an artist exploring the world of his drawings.

Submission for the Dream Diary Jam. Should be considered a very early demo, as I didn't really get to include anywhere near everything i wanted to. It features original music, digitized hand-drawn graphics, and a mix of both hand-crafted and procedurally generated areas to explore. As of right now it doesn't feature traditional Yume-nikki-style effects, but it does incldue a fair bit of item-based progression. I still tried to maintain the sense of nonlinear exploration that characterizes Yume Nikki and most of its fangames.


Developed by: Juan Carlos Hernández


  • Hand-drawn graphics: Juan Carlos Hernández
  • City tilesets used: GrandmaDeb's Modern Exterior Tiles, PandaMaru's Street Tiles


  • Kai Monkey's Random Dungeons v2
  • Yanfly's Parallax Lock

Music: Juan Carlos Hernández 

(All music was composed by me. However, due to time constraints I was unable to compose an original track for every area like I originally wanted to, so in some areas I ended up having to use tracks from my older projects as placeholder music. I eventually plan to replace all of these with original tracks in a future update)

Notes and issues:

  • Sometimes when you exit your house the game might display a window that looks like this while generating the city map. Just click accept and the game will still keep working normally. Not sure why this is happens, it started happening a couple days before the dealine and I wasn't able to find the issue on time, but it doesn't really affect the game in any way si I'll just fix it in an update when I find what the problem is.
  • I had to include the default Runtime Package ata in the installer bc I used a few sprites and sound effects from it. I eventually plan to replace everything i used from the RTP with my own graphics and sounds, at which point I'll remove the RTP data from the installation.


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