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"For generations, a tight-knit niche of mouse botanists have been studying regarding this mysterious plant, the only one of its species. Though information recovered from ancient ruins reveals that it blooms only every 100 years; the importance of this plant, or why creatures of the past built a temple around it, remain mysteries. However, these mysteries might soon be solved. If the old manuscripts are accurate, the Slumbering Orchid is about to bloom again."

At the start of this jam, Isaac once mentioned in the Discord server that the theme of this jam was genious because it was forcing a bunch of grimdark OSR dudes like us to come up with content about flowers.

Luckily, I'm a clever little shit and I played through Woodfall temple in Majora's Mask once so I know a thing or two about making content centered around  flowers grimdark.

Dive into a strange dungeon full of strange flower traps and twisted plant monsters.

This two-spread module includes:

  • Isometric and top-down maps of the dungeon
  • Four unique monsters
  • Four unique items

Althought this dungeon was created for Mausritter as a sumbmission for the Mayfield jam, it requires a minimal ammount of effort to be adapted for other systems.

Created, written, and illustrated by Juan Carlos Hernández

Top-down Map created with Dungeon Scrawler

Temple of the Slumering Orchid is an independent production by Juan Carlos Hernández and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.

Temple of the Slumbering Orchid is released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, so feel free to reuse it, redistribute it and remix it however you see fit. Feel free to use it in your own projects and resources, as long as you live proper credit and release any derivative content under the same license.


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Temple of the Slumbering Orchid (Spreads, Letter).pdf 4 MB
Temple of the Slumbering Orchid (Spreads, A4).pdf 4 MB
unlabelled top-down map 1 MB
unlabelled isometric map 552 kB
grass blade sword.png 27 kB
leaf armor.png 50 kB
crystal petal.png 38 kB
slumbering orchid anther.png 18 kB

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I used this dungeon on my first ever GM session of Mausritter and it was absolutely brilliant. I tweaked things a bit, but the whole affair was super fun. Really appreciate the maps being offered in both isometric and top-down formats - gives you a good mental map of how the PCs can progress through the dungeon.