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This resource present a new way to randomly generate the weather for your Mausritter game, by using a hexmap you move through rather than a simple dice rol.

This resource is based on the concept of Six Dimensional Weather by Daniel Sell. The hexmapchart included was made using Hex Kit by Cone of Negative Energy.

French translation and spellcheck by go11um.

The downloads include:

  • Weather chart PDF (chart, season tables, and instrucions of use). It's printable on a letter-sized sheet, with the chart and tables on one face and the instruction on the other.
  • .PNG file of just the chart 
  • .map file of the chart so you can edit it in Hex Kit (use the Fog of War overlay to edit it)

Feel free to use, include, and/or modify this chart on any of your own zines, modules and any other projects. 

Weather Chart for Mausritter is an independent production by Juan Carlos Hernández and is not affiliated with Losing Games. It is published under the Mausritter Third Party Licence.

Mausritter is copyright Losing Games.


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weather chart.pdf 2 MB
weather chart FR.pdf 2 MB
chart.png 527 kB
chart.map 16 kB

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Love it! Small request... could you make the weather conditions that cause exhaustion bold? That way I'd have all the weather info on one sheet!

The fact that you made this colorblind friendly makes me so grateful. Wonderful tool.

Merci pour la version française 🙂

This material is amazing! Now the weather rolls will feel more dynamic, and will make more sense. Thanks!

Ok the translation and typos check are done, if you give me an email address i'll send you the file :)

Thank you so much!

My email is juan.hernandez9903@gmail.com

Ok i sent you the mail !

(1 edit)

I just released your translation! Thank you so much for helping me out with this!

At the end of Spring there's a "raistorm", i suppose it's "rainstorm", right ?

Yes. Thanks for catching that typo, I'll fix it as soon as I'm back on my pc!

If you find any more typos please tell me so i can fix them in the English version too

Hey VERY nice idea ! I'll use it for my warhammer's campaign :D.

Thank you for developing it, if you want a french translation (for free of course) feel free to ask.

(1 edit)

Hello! I'm glad you like this so much! The idea isn't mine, to be completely honest. The original creator of this idea is Daniel Sell, I just adapted his concept to use the weathers included in the Mausritter rulebook.

A french translation would be amazing, btw!

Ok, let me work on it :)


The PDF has “Summer” labelled twice, the second one has snow storms. :)


Oh shit! The second one was meant to say "winter" 

Thanks for catching that, I'll change it as soon as I'm on my pc :)

I just fixed it!