Soulslike tabletop roleplaying
Mausritter NPC for November of NPCs
Entry for the November of NPCs Mausritter Jam
A solo dungeon-crawling game
A short PVP TTRPG for two players
Submission for the 5th Dream Diary Jam
An alternate timekeeping mechanic for tabletop RPGs
A flower-themed dungeon for the Mayfield jam
A fantasy cowboy TTRPG
A late Submission for the Rittermarch Jam
Short supplement that adds an alchemy system to Mausritter
A business-card spellbook for Mausritter
A location for the mausritter Rittermarch jam
A Mausritter location for the Rittermarch jam
A town built on the inside of an abandoned well
A new way to randomly generate weather for Mausritter
Mausritter module that adds six plant-themed spells
Free music for your cyberpunk project

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